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Backyard Booking Podcast

Hello everyone!

   Jake and Thoma have come together to bring to you a new weekly podcast that can be about literally anything that comes to mind.  The life long friendship between these two allow for easy flowing conversations, banters, and chaos!

  Every week a new episode will release that can be about professional wrestling, video games, random rants, random banter, chaotic conversations, music, tv, movies, pop culture, and literally anything.

  Jake and Thoma have been friends for as long as they remember as well as wrestling fans since the very early 2000s and they hope to bring you entertaining conversations, news, hot topics, reviews and talking points on the past, present, and future of professional wrestling. As stated before, the news, banter, and conversations can be about anything their hearts desire but the episode's title will reflect what is talked about in relative order as well, allowing everyone to know what or what is not present in each episode!

   They also hope to provide entertainment to all their listeners regardless of them being wrestling fans or not, this podcast's easy flowing banter and humor should keep everyone entertained!

  Always feel welcomed to leave feedback, comments, and even questions for Jake and Thoma to help improve the podcast they enjoy bringing to your earholes every week!


Thank you all and we look forward to entertaining you for a while!

-The Backyard Bookers: Jake and Thoma!


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Aug 7, 2017

Suspend your disbelief.


Today Jake and Thoma embark down the dark path of the infamous question, "Is Professional Wrestling fake?"  A question wrestling fans have to answer, explain, and hear for the entirety of their lives.  Jake and Thoma explain to you how the combat the neigh-sayers and non-believers why we have to suspend our disbelief to bare some of the god awful story-lines the current products deliver us week in and week out.  This episode will dive head first into the terminology of professional wrestling, the inner workings of communications within the actual match, real life injuries due to messed up moves, how the stories told to us through pro-wrestling is similar to the entertainment you see in any other tv show, and the reason why kayfabe is dead. Suspend your disbelief with us and allow us to show you and explain why our answer of, "Pro-Wrestling, Is it fake?" Is accurate.  Please suspend your disbelief when you subscribe, rate, comment as well as follow us on Twitter @BackyardBPod.